Who We Are

The Sierra County Arts Council is made up of members of the Sierra County community who love their rugged and beautiful corner of California, and who love art.

While we do employ some part-time staff, most of the effort to build and maintain our Arts Council comes from volunteers, who serve on the board, organize and produce events, build the web site, do publicity – anything you can think of. We could simply not exist without our team of dedicated volunteers.

Here are some of the people who make the Sierra County Arts Council happen:

Our Staff

B. J. Jordan has been Executive Director of the Sierra County Arts Council since January 2010. A native of Nevada City, CA; Ms. Jordan has roots in Sierra County going back five generations – both of her grandfathers were miners! A graduate of the University of California, Santa Cruz and a musician and artist in her own right, Ms. Jordan brings welcome energy and enthusiasm to the Arts Council.

You can contact B. J. Jordan by email at bj@sierracountyartscouncil.org or through the Arts Council main telephone number, 530-289-9822.

Our Board

The Sierra County Arts Council board brings together art lovers from across the county. Board members are welcome from all parts of the county. The board meets roughly once every three months. While in-person attendance at meetings is encouraged (and we generally have a good time together), some members occasionally attend remotely by teleconference.

Not all board members live full-time in Sierra County, but all have some permanent connection to the county, spend at least some of their time here, and maintain a deep commitment to seeing the arts flourish in the northern Sierra.

As of April, 2019, the Arts Council board is:

  • Cracker Eshleman (Co-President/webmaster), Sierra City
  • David Scott (Co-President), San Francisco and Downieville
  • Suzi Schoensee (Vice President), Sattley
  • Feather Ortiz¬† (Member At Large) Goodyears Bar
  • Amber Sainsbury (Secretary), Downieville
  • Maire McDermid (Treasurer), Goodyears Bar
  • Support creativity in California's classrooms by donating to the Keep Arts in School's Fund on your state tax return.
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