Yuba Gallery

The Yuba Gallery - 208 Main St, Downieville

The Yuba Gallery in Downieville, California is located at 208 Main St. next door to the Yuba Theatre.  The Gallery features local arts and crafts for sale. The Sierra County Arts Council has partnered with building owners, Bibi Green and Jeff Champlin, to make the Yuba Gallery a reality that benefits the cultural and economic vitality of the community. 

Thanks to Bibi and Jeff, the Sierra County Arts Council now has a meeting place for local artists, musicians, community members and visitors of Sierra County.  The Arts Council also hosts receptions, art shows, musical events and workshops in the Gallery.

The Yuba Gallery opens in April on the weekend of the Banff Mountain Film Festival and closes during the winter months -  January through March. 

Yuba Gallery 2020:  Opening weekend of the Banff Mountain Film Festival – April 3 – 5.