Artists In Schools Program

Drastic budget cuts in education threaten to eliminate art programming in our schools. In cooperation with local artists, school administrators, and teachers; the Sierra County Arts Council has created the  Artists in Schools Program, which provides art education for all students of Sierra County while celebrating our rural heritage.

Downieville School K-3 Art Class

The beauty of Sierra County—its winding rivers, majestic mountains, vast valleys—has drawn artists to the area and inspired the local population for hundreds of years. Our local artists are the best assets we have when it comes to providing art education in our schools.

The California Arts Council recognizes this need and offers Artists in Schools grant funding to help bring artists and art programming into schools. The Sierra County Arts Council has been receiving this grant funding but must raise enough money to match the grant dollar-for-dollar. Every donation to the  Artists in Schools Program brings us closer to the goal of providing our students with art education.

Loyalton High School - Graphic Arts Class

Contribute to the Artists in Schools Program on our membership form or send a check to:

Sierra County Arts Council
P.O. Box 546
Downieville, CA 95936

Art Students - Downieville High School

The Sierra County Arts Council and the students of Sierra County thank all who have contributed to art programming in our schools.