Arts Council Program

Banff Film Festival Audience - 2014

The Arts Council is always interested in new ideas for programs that serve the needs of Sierra County and its people – both year-round residents and those who visit the county because they love it.

The Arts Council needs volunteers and people with ideas. We have a wonderful venue in the Yuba Theatre, which has a full stage and is equipped with professional video projection equipment. People with ideas on program – movie nights, open mike nights, theater performances, whatever you can think of – are more than welcome to contact us. Artists, come forward. Don’t be shy!

For those who are interested, the Arts Council has written a Business Plan for the Yuba Theatre in Downieville. This plan has guided much of our event planning for the theater and we encourage you to read it. We also have an ongoing, ever evolving Strategic Plan to take the Arts Council to the next level of service to the community.