B Street Theatre at the Yuba Theatre and Loyalton Elementary School March 8, 2018

"B Street Theatre"The Sierra County Arts Council is pleased to present to Downieville School and Loyalton Elementary School:

Yuba Theatre, 9:30 AM, Thursday March 8th and to
Loyalton Elementary School, 1:45 PM, March 8th.
HISTORY EXTRAVAGANZA 4 : From Ancient Greece to the California Gold Rush, from Medieval Europe to the Making of a New Nation, and onto the Industrial Revolution! Enjoy this veritable buffet of select plays written by students of all grade levels based on topics tied directly to curriculum.
Admission is free and the public is invited to the tour at the Yuba Theatre in Downieville.
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This event is produced by the Sierra County Arts Council, State-Local Partner of the California Arts Council.

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