Alleghany’s Hidden Church fundraising concert in Alleghany, Sept. 21, 2014

MaMuse performs at Alleghany’s Hidden Church at 1:00 PM

The Sierra County Arts Council is one of the 2014 Advertising Sponsors.

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(“Ma” as in Mamma; “Muse” as in the one who inspires). With deep roots in the folk and gospel traditions, and their hearts in the present, MaMuse (Sarah Nutting and Karisha Longaker) create uplifting music. Interweaving brilliant and haunting harmony with lyrics born of honed emotional intelligence, MaMuse invokes a musical presence that inspires the opening of the heart. Playing a variety of acoustic instruments including upright bass, guitar, mandolins, ukulele, and flutes, and backed by inspired drummer (Mike Wofchuck) these two powerful women embody a love for all of life.

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This event is produced by the Sierra County Arts Council, State-Local Partner of the California Arts Council.

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