DISPATER At The Yuba Theatre July 13, 2012

Debut of Niven Wilson’s latest animated film – 7:30 pm


 Although Niven Wilson’s most recent film DISPATER  has been accepted by and will be screened at the Nevada City Film Festival, August 16 – 19, 2012; the film will debut in Wilson’s hometown of Downieville at the Yuba Theatre at 7:30 PM on Friday, July 13th prior to the full length feature Cowboys & Aliens.  Wilson will be on hand to answer questions following the screening.

Those who have followed Wilson’s career will note an increased assurance, a smoothness and elegance in the new film, as well as a spot-on rendition of the Second Movement of Beethoven’s Seventh Symphony performed for the soundtrack by local Sierra County pianist Cory Peterman.

Sierra County’s own Niven Wilson, a 2008 Downieville Schools graduate, in his senior year of High School produced Jugglers (2008), an animated film that screened at the Ottawa International Animation Festival, then went on to theaters in Woodstock, Kalamazoo and Santa Cruz.  Niven’s artwork continued at UC San Diego, where he penned an award-winning weekly editorial cartoon for the student newspaper, and he kept working on his films, eight of them so far, including Jugglers 2 (2009), The Room (2010), The Revolver’s Revolver (2010), The Sisyphean Grammatology of the Autonym (2011), Experiments in Comedy (2011) and LightBulbHead (2011).  You can see all of these films on the internet’s You Tube website.

Film Festivals usually occur during the summer months.  Wilson will work through the Fall and Winter on his films, submitting them to festivals in the spring.  Later this July he will showcase one of his films at the Armand Hammer Museum’s “Open Projector Night”, when volunteers bring their films to screen and after a two-minute interval, two comedians will ask the “rowdy audiences” to either allow the films to continue, or to boo them into oblivion.

DISPATER is in part a contemplation on the act of creation, a task best performed by the very young and the very old.  This time it is more a prophecy than a summing up, though Wilson has done nothing that is likely to embarrass him later down the line.  DISPATER displays the director’s storytelling skills, including perspective (of the geometric kind), an unusual combination of humor and ethics, and the patience and persistence it took to complete the effort.  His film treats the simple, two dimensional, hand-drawn characters like they were flesh and blood actors.

DISPATER is a Latin word that translates to “wealthy father”.  DISPATER was also an obscure Roman god, the equivalent of the Grecian god Hades.  If you ask Niven what the film is about he’ll say “economics and religion”, two of the hottest of hot topics.  As you will see, however, there is plenty of elbow room for interpretation, and it is, as always, a great treat to see the fruits of this local labor on the big screen. [article by David Laurence Wilson]

Movie Nights at the Yuba Theatre are brought to you by the Sierra County Arts Council and are made possible by a generous grant from the Bill Graham Foundation.  Admission is free.  ($5 suggested donation helps keep the theater running.)

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