Jugglers at the Yuba Theatre July 17, 2010

Jugglers by Niven Wilson

As part of the screening of the film 2012, the Arts Council is pleased to present the short subject Jugglers by local artist Niven Wilson.

Niven created Jugglers while still a student at Downieville High School, using pen and ink drawings and a digital camera.

About Niven Wilson

Niven Wilson, born in 1990, was a 2008 graduate and valedictorian at Downieville High School. He demonstrated his interest in art at an early age, spending hours drawing the adventures of a group of characters he created, the Black-Eye Action Team.

Jugglers by Niven Wilson

At the age of five he attended a birthday party for Jack Kirby, creator of the Hulk, the X-Men and the Fantastic Four. One boost was trading drawings with Jerry Robinson, former President of the National Cartoonist’s Society and co-creator of Batman’s Robin and the Joker.

Later, Niven began creating designs for Ready-Made Rubber, a rubber stamp company featuring designs by the French artist Moebius, Rick Geary (Mad Magazine), Geof Darrow (the MATRIX film series) and Dan Piraro (the “Bizarrro” comic strip).

Jugglers by Niven Wilson

While in Downieville, Niven contributed illustrations for many school functions, including the cover of the school yearbook, and cartoons for the Mountain Messenger, the longest continuously published weekly newspaper west of the Mississippi.

In 2007 he attended the animation program at the California Summer School for the Arts and he began work on his first animated film, Jugglers, subsequently entered into the Ottawa (Canada) International Animation Festival, the Woodstock Film Festival, Kalamazoo (Michigan) Animated Film International, and the Santa Cruz Film Festival.

After graduating from Downieville High School, Niven spent his freshman year at the University of California at San Diego, where he contributed an award-winning weekly editorial cartoon, The Other Side of the Coin, to the school newspaper.

Jugglers II, a sequel, was completed in 2009 and received its debut in 2010 at the Melbourne (Australia) International Animation Festival. In 2010 Niven entered the University of California, Riverside, where he has contributed to the school newspaper and produced character designs and storyboards for three more animated films.

He is currently working on another animation, The Room, which will be completed during the summer of 2010.

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This event is produced by the Sierra County Arts Council, State-Local Partner of the California Arts Council.

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