Sierra Dreamin’

It’s warm and sunny down in the Bay Area where I am today, but I imagine that the Sierra is just glorious.

BJ and Rama

My last trip was spent in a huge amount of nature. BJ and I did some hiking up in the Lakes Basin area. We hiked overland from near Lakes Basin campground to Frazier Falls with her dog Rama – there was still a little snow on the ground, but for the most part spring had arrived in spades! The absolutely stunning falls were overflowing with huge amounts of water.

For those curious about where we were, here’s a map.

And here’s a picture of the falls:

Frazier Falls

Maybe we really are crazy, but we walked up to my own waterfall upon returning to Downieville, even though it was almost dark and I had to feel my way back down to the road. The effect was shimmering.

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